Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween '08

Thanks for all the friends who came out Friday at Broad St. Cafe to help celebrate Halloween and my birthday at midnight with 3 of my bands plus Tom Meltzer and Holden Richards. Somehow I always end up booking 2 or more of my bands at such things and don't get to mingle as much as I'd like. But I suppose in these days of scarce gigs and a faltering economy and less disposable income, I just reach for whatever I can. Anyway, thanks again.

Jeff "Veritek" Hart

photo by Lisa Logan.


Holden Richards said...

Very nice to be invited to play myself. Love playing at the broad street cafe. Tom was a genial partner in that acoustic set.
I thought the ruins set was exceptionally good! Too bad I didn't see the rest. Hope your birthday was grand as well!

Holden Richards said...

Jeff very glad to be asked to play. I love playing at Broad Street Cafe.
Tom was a genial set partner as well.
Thought the ruins were smokin' Sorry I did not stick around for the rest.
Hope your birthday was grand!