Monday, February 25, 2008

New Seafood Loco Pops Flavor


Just the right amount of slick cold fun, combined with a nasal cleansing punch.

This one melted off of the stick before i could enjoy it frozen.

Just kidding. The local frozen pop shop Loco Pops has some of the most unusual flavor combinations and this one came to mind recently.

I was at an oyster roast at Surf City (2 girls for every boy!) on the North Carolina coast this past weekend. Great time. The shot above and all below are courtesy of my pal Lisa (who along with friend Adrienne is notoriously camera shy, so I demurred on posting any publicly of them) But I loved your shots Lisa, and thanks for the great weekend.

Me and my buddy Jack.

Malcolm running on the beach.

Zack (Jack's son), Gail and Laura and the essence of a steaming table of oysters. This is seafood at its best.

Me and Laura.

Throwing baseball with Laura (note the knuckleball) on the beach.

Gail, Malcolm and Rebekah

Jack, Mack and Gail.

Some surf guitar picking later that night (Olympic White Fender Jazzmaster).

Parting look at some truly delicious oysters just off of the steamer.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Peter!

Peter Holsapple turned 52 Tuesday. It's great to have one of my all time North Carolina music heroes and influences living nearby in the Bull City and gigging more regularly around here.

Do take the time to visit his blog. He's a very thought provoking writer as well.

Peter with fellow dB's member Chris Stamey (photo courtesy of Chinese Broccoli blog). More Peter live pix here.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Ruins 1996

Not much to say today, just a novelty of sorts. Compare this photo of my band The Ruins (Jeff Hart and the Ruins is our full name - band's currently on hiatus, see the "Welcoming Rocky to the Band" entry below) with the one of the Carter Family below it.

I'd never seen that photo of the Carter Family when we posed for this picture in Raleigh in '96. Kind of eerie though.